Up and Down

One of the many things I love about Action clothes are the amount of clothing layers and resizing options you get with their clothing and accessories.  These new bikinis are available in six… Continue reading

Don’t forget the sunblock!

What more inspiration does an aspiring sl fashion blogger need than group gifts?!  Upon logging in, I found a group gift from [KA]… a skin preview.  I only discovered them recently and ran… Continue reading


Yeeees.  I know I just started blogging and now it’s come to a screeching halt.  :O  I was finishing up the layout for my good friend, Gracie Kangjon’s, new magazine, “Royal Living”.  Now I’m… Continue reading

Shaken, Not Stirred

I’m going to try to rush through this blog, unfortunately!  I have lots of work to do!  When I saw this halter dress with the adorable Martini texture, I had to snag it. … Continue reading

Crying Eyes & Cutie Freckles

You know it’s gotta be good for me to use Viewer 2 to post.  Ugh.  These little dandies are worn as a tattoo layer in LL’s Viewer 2.  At only L$15 each, I… Continue reading

Rooms with a Sunny View

I have been a huge fan of Flutter Memel’s  since the day she released her perfectly placed “flowey. hearting vol. 1” tattoos.  Not until recently (blogging) did I have a reason to buy… Continue reading

The Fastest Two Minutes in Fashion

Today is Kentucky Derby Day and after many, many Mint Juleps, I had to throw on a glamorous hat for a quick post.  I found this derby hat on Xstreet and couldn’t resist… Continue reading

Saturdays Rock!

/me passes the f*ck out (in my new rocking chair).  As part of Super-Bargain Saturday, Action is offering their brand new Chic Rocker at a mere L$60!  I suggest you stay up until… Continue reading

Milk Does a Body Good

Beertschi Lytton, designer for Cynful, passed me the new ChrizzpyJeans in Teal this morning.  The versatile jeans are already in Cynful stores and this color (my absolute favorite!) is set for release this weekend. … Continue reading

Two Naughties Make a Nice

Seems more and more designers are offering multiple styles of a piece in one purchase.  Who doesn’t want more for their money?  Cynful’s newest releases offer two jean cuff styles while the vest… Continue reading