Throw Your Hands Up

It’s Friday night and I have a feeling I’ll be regretting my beer in the morning, but that’s okay!  Here’s a quick lookie at Action’s SBS (Super Bargain Saturday) item.  As always, very… Continue reading

“I been hanginaround…”

Quick post to start the weekend!  New Fluffyness Skirts from [ Cynful ] rocks my pixel world!  Gah.  I love summer.  SL summer and RL summer.  These skirts come in ten colors and… Continue reading

You must be 5m tall to read this blog.

Okay, I know this snapshot is busy and there’s a lot more to look at here than what my cartoon is wearing.  But.  That’s the point.  This post is full of pictures, which… Continue reading


In the midst of the HUGE sale going on at, they’re releasing new hair!  To me, this is, like… ideal summer hair.  Long, sexy, loosely pulled back.  Brande and Brande.2 would look… Continue reading

Smack That Fanny!

‘Cause this is the coolest fanny pack I’ve ever seen.  Meriken Co. is one of the only stores on the grid that could rock something like this.  I love it.  The textures, the… Continue reading

Playing with Shapes

Not only until pretty recently did I realize that almost all shapes need to be tweaked a little depending on what skin one is wearing.  About every six months or so I seem… Continue reading

Catch a Break

It’s the first week for “SL’s Rocking Fridays” and I was impressed to say the least.  Lots of darker items, so to speak.  I have to say, I think Action’s Skater bag stole the… Continue reading

In a Mood

It’s amazing to me the difference a change in hair color can make.  Can totally change the impression you give and the way you’re feeling.  Action never fails to impress in the area… Continue reading


I am speechless.  I’ve been waiting for these shoes to come out and now that they’re here, I think I might have an SL foot fetish.  Just with my own feet though.  😛 … Continue reading

I Wanna Have Sex on the Beach

The alcholic drink.  This prefab totally puts me in the right frame of mind for what most Americans consider the unofficial beginning of summer.  Memorial Day Weekend is upon us- a three day weekend commemorating… Continue reading