Tweedle Dee

In Second Life and real life, one of my all time favorite fabrics is tweed.  Goes with everything, comfortable, neutral… it’s a dependable texture that is so super easy to mix and match. … Continue reading

My name is Alex… and I am a gatchaholic.

As if Second Life isn’t addiction enough in and of itself, Albero has created an entire region chock-full of delightfully random gatchas.  I never really got the whole gatcha craze until I visited today. … Continue reading


YAY!  The July issue of Royal Living: Lifestyle Magazine is still hottish off the presses and I’m back to blogging!  Knew Friday would be a great day to start back considering all the… Continue reading

This Sheer is Kosher

It’s already after 1am, so I’m going to be quick.  I worried that if I didn’t post this exquisite summer dress, I’d dream about it!  Thumbing through flickr, I came across some logos… Continue reading

Channeling J.Lo

As in old school J.Lo… the Fly Girl version.  Glamouramama Boa’s name caught my attention while camming around Pig on the The Good Sh!t Hunt.  I totally profile stalked her and saw that… Continue reading

Junk Food Junkie

It’s nice to know I can totally pig out in SL and still be: [9:16]  Dutchie scale: Alexandra Bayns height: 1.897426 cm [9:16]  Dutchie scale: Alexandra Bayns weight: 55.905290 kg [9:16]  Dutchie scale:… Continue reading

Let’s hear it for the boy!

Yes, guys.  The creators of men’s fashion in SL have not forgotten you!  Some of the best men’s shops on the grid have teamed up for the “49 Linden Sale for Dudes” sponsored… Continue reading


When I see people with broken limbs in the summer… ugh, I feel so bad for them.  Thankfully, my broken cartoon ankle is only temporary.  I threw a few of my favorite things… Continue reading

Get Your Metal Detector

In looking through profiles yesterday, I came across Felicity Winslet’s… who is a friend of a friend of a friend, etc.  Anyway, I had never heard of + Mariposa + and what a… Continue reading

Oh my Doppelganger!

[21:05]  Doppelganger Inc. Subscriber: PSSSSSST!! Big Sale tomorrow at Doppelganger – 50% off many items and fatpacks! Stay tuned for details… YAY!  I just got this note!  And I just loooove Doppelganger Inc. … Continue reading