Why is this the first time?

So I’m shopping around at the The Unicef Project and see these gorgeous skins.  Rather than shopping only for what I saw there, I wanted to check out the real store.  Upon looking at the creator’s name I thought… “Why does that name sound SO familiar?”  Couldn’t place it, couldn’t place it.  OH DUH!  Ryker Beck is the very person who, through her tutorials on YouTube and her blog, basically taught me the correct way to take snapshots and edit them in Second Life.  Why in the world had I never thought to visit her store???  I’ve been on the hunt for what seems like forever for a natural looking skin to wear with swimwear or just sweats.  Something not so made up… sort of glowy and refreshed looking.  Well, here it is.  Finally!  I can’t wait until I’ve got enough extra Lindens hanging around to just go buy the Mega Pack.  I was in agony trying to decide between all the gorgeousness.  In addition to her amazing skins, she’s got glossy eyes, clothes and swimwear for men and women and killer Lucky Chairs (currently I noticed prim fingernails and her latest skin release).

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil – 7 (top to bottom, left to right: :: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil – 7 (Dk), :: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil – 7 (Dk/F), :: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil – 7 (Lt), :: Exodi :: Isolde Soleil – 7 (Lt/F) )  Each skin comes with dark or light brow options, each with freckled and cleavage options, bald bases in black, brown, blonde, and red (compatible with Viewer 2 capabilities), eyelashes, and an eyebrow shaper/bald base. NEW

Eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes (came with skin)

Eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My (Hazel)(Sm/V)

Hair: fri. – Sasha – Timid Brown

Poses: flowey. try a little tenderness (front view and face close ups); flowey. lay your hands on me (rear view)

Location: My place.  Like I’d go nakey taking snapshots just anywhere.  😛