This Sheer is Kosher

It’s already after 1am, so I’m going to be quick.  I worried that if I didn’t post this exquisite summer dress, I’d dream about it!  Thumbing through flickr, I came across some logos Newreem Waffle created.  They were really intriquing and I’m so so glad I dropped by.  I met como Setsuko, owner of Yozoh*, who dropped this drop dead dreamy gown on me.  The dress is featured in the Twinkle Night Bazaar (running through July 11th) and is only L$50!!!  It’s topping the list right now as one of my all time favorites.  Even comes with a short story on a notecard which I assume inspired her creation.  Just breathtaking! 

I know the lighting isn’t so flattering for my cartoon’s skin, but it rocks the dress…

Dress: …Milky Way dress created by the owner of Yozoh*, but only available at )) Twinkle Night Bazaar (( until July 11th!

I’m so sleepy… I will post the other details tomorrow.  Nighty night!