Saturdays Rock!

/me passes the f*ck out (in my new rocking chair).  As part of Super-Bargain Saturday, Action is offering their brand new Chic Rocker at a mere L$60!  I suggest you stay up until 12am SLT to snag this comfy cozy before they run out (kidding, they won’t run out :P).  The amount of customization on this supple piece of furniture is really… endless.  The cushions, pillows, and wood pieces you see around me on the floor actually work like HUDs.  Just rez your rocker, rez the cushions and wood, and click away, tweaking until you’re happy with your color choices.  Leave them out as decoration or delete (they’re copy) and re-rez when needed.  Hurry up… the price goes up to L$250 after Saturday!

Chair: Action Chic Rocker – Customizable (for release May 1, 2010) NEW